Take me back

Her name is Maayan, Well and she truly is a source and deep well of inspiration to all who meet her.
She was pregnant with their first child. They were on their way to a wedding, happy, carefree. Looking forward to their friends standing under the chupa, then the dancing of great joy that would go to the early morning hours.
They wended their way past the vineyards, through the olive groves singing to the songs on the radio.
They approached the brow of the hill. On the other side five masked gunmen awaited them. They opened fire. Shot them repeatedly at close range. The car span out of control. Her husband lay slumped over her pregnant stomach. He had given his life to protect her and the baby. The gunmen came up to the car. They came to ensure that she was dead. That they had not missed and left someone alive. She played dead. She knew her life depended on playing dead. They poked her with their rifles. They turned away and left satisfied that they had not missed their target.
Somehow Maayan with all its doors broken and crushed., Maayan forced her way our of the car. Blood pouring, she rose to her feet. She stood in the middle of the road. A few cars passed but none would stop. Finally, one did. The ambulance came . The journey to hospital was the fight for her life. The baby was delivered two months early.
Her husband was gently laid to rest in the land he so loved. Maayan sat shiva.
The day after the end of shiva, she asked a friend to help her. To take her back to the very spot where here husband was murdered. Once again she got out of a car and stood by the spot his life blood had been poured out. She lifted both her eyes and her arms to heaven and cried Lord God of Avraham Itshak and Yaacov. The Lord gives. The Lord takes. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. I thank you for the life of my husband. Today I covenant before you to raise my son in your ways according to your precepts and your commandments. I covenant to raise him in your ways all the days of my life.

Two years later God honoured this young woman’s covenantal commitment and blessed her with a husband. Today they have three children and are blessed to be a family of five. She and all her children will never forget Gidi. May his memory be blessed.

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