Healing Fragrance

Off the beaten path at the end of Ein Kerem is a wonderful spice farm run by a man with the spirit of the pioneers of the 1950″s. He makes soap. So what’s unusual about that? He runs a field school that raises autistic children and adults alongside the acceptable stream. Those who we would call ”normal” are accepted to the field school on the condition they befriend and mentor the less capacitated. Our group is sensitive. Some have autistic children and grandchildren themselves. An immediate bond is formed.

Together the strong and the weak grow herbs, farm them in season and produce the most fragrant of aromatic soaps and oils. Our group decided to make soap!!! That meant a foray into the fields to learn what and how to plant, and in which conditions. They walked around the fields picking, smelling, tasting and eating of the wild grapes. Finally, when the autumn sun rose high, we returned to the classroom to the huge vats of oils to make our designer soap and eat our dairy lunch that just tumbled out of their big bags of supplies ready prepared.

Learning to love much and enter into small steps of healing, as they worked with the fragrant oils that in them selves impart a healing balm.

Ladies, who have wept much, now learn to give much.

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