Their Stories

We can feel your love like a wall of heat. You bring you bring us strength. You’ve increased our morale 100% and given us the strength to go on.
- Haim . His daughter was injured in the Cafe Hillel bombing

We do not know how to thank you, you are like family to us.
- Shoshi. Her husband was a security guard outside a Pawn Shop. He sensed an Arab lady was a suicide bomber and threw himslef on her. He saved the lives of many inside the store.

I feel like I have done something wrong to them, I feel like I need to do something to help. I am honoured to have been a part of this Purim banquet.
- An Israeli Arab Waiter

My husband was stabbed by 4 terrorists while riding his bike on the way to work. I met Springs of Hope who has helped so much. Because of them, we exist. I would like to thank this organisation. Thank you so much!
– Daniella of Neve Yaacov, Jerusalem

“The warmth of your hearts has warmed my heart.”
– Rachel’s husband was killed at 6am on his way to work at the post office. Bus number 6, Pisgat Ze’ev

“When I am alone I always focus on the tragedy. It is good for me to come to this group. It’s a refuge.”
– Hanna’s son killed in a bombing on Bus 14 Aza Street, Jerusalem

Take me back

Her name is Maayan, Well and she truly is a source and deep well of inspiration to all who meet her. She was pregnant with their first child. They were on their way to a wedding, happy, carefree. Looking forward…

Smiling again

M called for an appointment. We arranged to meet for coffee and chat, to see how Springs of Hope could help her and her family. M is 66 years old, of the generation who lives inside the Mahane Yehuda shuk.…